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Valid point about this Vikings roster. Survey it, watch their games and it is clear theyCheap real Ugg Boots feature Pro-Bowl quality talent in the defensive line, among the linebackers, and in the secondary. That level of talent is sprinkled across the offense, too. The epitome of the Vikings’ fight here was cornerback Xavier Rhodes. Lions receiver Marvin Jones gave Rhodes hassles all afternoon. But on Detroit’s final drive, Rhodes interception sealed the game. It was an intense, direct, tough and competitive play.

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"He ran a 7-route," Rhodes began. "I saw the ball. I tipped it. I had a feeling they were going to try that and I just wanted to tip it and get back to it. It was a play we needed. It’s all about winning games. You have to have confidence and not doubt yourself in this league. I mean, he was making some plays on me. But I kept telling myself, `You will get yours.’ "That is sort of how we talk to each other. We hold each other accountable. It’s hard to explain, but someone will come up to me and tell me it’s time to get a pick — get one. Or I might go to one of our guys and tell them to get the sack and do it now. It’s tough talk, but it’s about making plays. There is no perfect team in the NFL. You can get into a habit of losing games when you don’t keep that type of chip on your shoulders."